Facial recognition software does exactly what you think it does – it helps a device such as a PC or smartphone to recognise a user by their facial features. It can do this by comparing the person to a photograph or a still from a video. Face recognition software is now used as an advanced security measure and it works incredibly well– you can steal someone’s password, but you can’t steal their face.

There are now a number of facial recognition apps on the market for smartphone users. Here are the best ones which are currently available:



AppLock is a voice and face recognition app by Sensory Truly Secure and is a fantastic security addition for your smartphone. It can be used to protected any of the apps on your phone and as soon as you or anyone else tries to access one of them AppLock will check your face and ask for your verbal password. This is about as secure as it gets and this double biometric lock can really not be broken by anyone but the intended user. This means that your protected apps are as safe as can be. The best thing about this app is that it is totally free.



Wise Orchard have created FaceLock to keep your apps safe. This will lock apps such as Facebook or WhatsApp and protect other things on your phone too such as your photo gallery or contact list. The use of facial recognition as security gives the user peace of mind. This app is available to buy or there is a free version, although the free version gives you less choice. FaceLock can be enabled or disabled as you wish.


True Key

True Key has been developed by McAfee who are well known in the internet security world. This app not only locks unwanted users out of your protected apps, but it remembers your passwords too, so a quick scan of your face will get you straight in to any of those you have protected. This innovative process will save the user a little bit of time. True Key can be used for multiple devices simultaneously and you can set a master password for your whole network.


Face Detection Lock Screen

This app from MNM Developer doesn’t work to protect individual apps, but it keeps unwanted people out of your phone altogether. The screen will lock and none of your phone’s features can be accessed or used without a face check being performed. There are varying levels of security available with this app and it can be used in conjunction with passwords. The users has the choice to turn Face Detection Lock Screen on or off as he or she chooses.


Face Recognition by Sokrush

This app isn’t about security, it’s about fun instead. The app will take a picture of the user and using various facial points it will then analyse the data and tell the user what kind of mood they’re in. It can also be used discreetly to take pictures of others and analyse their moods too. It’s just a bit of harmless entertainment, but it perhaps hints at further uses for facial recognition technology in the future than just security.


Facial recognition technology is still in its relative infancy, particularly in apps that can be used by anybody. It might all seem a bit James Bond, but it is the technology of the future, available today. Expect the use of apps and programmes which include facial recognition to become more commonplace in the years to come.





5 best face recognition apps