What has Windows prepared us for its 10th anniversary of the updates?

Living in the 21st century offers us so many great things. We are now able to communicate with literally anyone around the world. But, sometimes it all gets too far and people don't realize how to stay safe on the web.

Why do we have so many updates? Do they bother you? They may seem annoying, but you definitely need to know how these are actually here to protect you.

How do these updates work? Let's say that the hackers found some ways to hack a program. Windows will then need the new update so we can ''get on some time'' before those hackers do the same thing again. So, yes, the technology is getting better and better, but it also seems like the hackers are improving their knowledge too.

We are happy to represent you some of the Cortana's features, which is one of the best Windows new projects we will talk about here.

Let's talk about its features a bit. This is one of the new projects that are able to analyze your e-mail much easier than earlier. Do you know all those suspicious messages you get in your inbox? Well, some of these are probably classical phishing. If you click on that e-mail, you may lose your personal and sensitive information, and besides that, you can end up by paying to get back what was stolen from you. Who wants that? No one, of course.

Besides keeping you safe and updated, which are the most important things when it comes to cybersecurity, these new projects also remind you of your obligations, send you alerts, and make you more organized.

How can you keep yourself safe besides relying on these new Windows projects? You should always keep everything up to date. The second thing would definitely be creating a strong password. Never share your password with anyone. Be sure that your mobile phone behaves like your computer, so the same rules need to be applied to it too.

What about the virtual private network (VPN)? It allows you to easily extend any private network you want across all the public networks you need. Why is it so great and how to find the best VPN for Windows? It is great because it allows you to access some corporate intranet safely. It works by a point-to-point connection, traffic encryption or even through virtual tunneling protocols. There are many types of it and you can choose your best depending on your wishes and needs. Let's take a look at these VPN types quickly:

  • Tunnel termination point location (network-provider edge or even the customer-edge);
  • The protocol used with a purpose to tunnel all the traffic out there;
  • Network-to-network or site-to-site connection;
  • That famous OSI layer;
  • Other simultaneous connections.

Overall, once when your Windows starts updating, now you know how they are doing it for your safety. Enjoy the 21st century and the technology we have but don't forget to use it wisely!

Here Are The Best 10 Addicted Apps In Android Phone

Ever wonder why people can’t seem to put their phone down and just to talk to another human being? Why is it people are glue to their phone screen when there are better things in life than just playing, texting and taking a selfie? Now, people are wondering what’s so addicting to the things that you’re doing. There’s a reason why people got caught up when having to use their android phone and there’s more to than just texting and taking random pictures of yourself. It is about the games. That’s right, the games. There’s something about app games that people cannot help but be entertained by them.

What happens when you friends are taking so long? You just grab your phone and play. You want to avoid talking to people, then play a app game instead. Your boyfriend is busy at work while you’re waiting to fetch you, then spend your time playing your app game. That’s the reason why people find the app game amusing and convenient to have.

Here are some of the best top 10 addictive app games.

  • Mobile Legends
  • Candy Crush
  • Alto’s Adventures
  • Dinner Dash
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Clash Royal
  • Angry Birds Plants Vs. Zombies Series
  • Zigzag
  • Guess The Song

These are games are addictive in their own way. If you want a no brainer game you can just pick a game that doesn’t require you thinking about anything but if you prefer something that will help keep your brain active then you can try strategic games for there are games who can give you a situation where you have to use your brain for coming up plans in order to win.

There are reasons why people love playing app games, to the point that it’s getting addictive. These games help you pass the time and entertain you without having to suffer through boredom. People who are waiting will usually go through their phones to play and people who wanted to win a game they can just whip up their phone and just simply had fun. Not to mentioned some of these games are free so you don’t have to waste your time and money in getting them and having them download into your phone.

You cannot deny that there is some merit to having to play game apps into your phone and people seemed to love it. It can be addictive because the game is really good to play over and over again and you will never get tired of it. And another thing that you should know about, when having to know what are the top 10 best gaming app that are addictive and available then you will find this list a gold mind to try. For sure, you want to try your hand in playing them yourself.