In the nowadays tech's world, it seems like there are only 'a few' people that don't own a smartphone. What do you think about that? How has having a smartphone changed your life? If you ask me for my personal opinion, I definitely need to say how it made my life a lot easier! Besides that, there are numerous apps on the market which can help you to keep your life completely organized! Do you want your smartphone to track the calories you eat? How about reminding you of numerous obligations you need to complete? Okay, we got it. We need smartphones. But, how can you extend your phones' life? Check out our list!

Using a Virtual Private Network

Before I start to talk about all those things which will remind you how to behave with your phone, I definitely need to mention first how you need to use a VPN connection. Why is that so? Well, you won't be able to extend your phone's lifetime if you are hacked, right? A Virtual Private Network will keep your personal and sensitive information safe, and it that case, you won't need to worry if someone will hack you.

All those apps and photos

Be sure that you remove every unnecessary app and photo you have in your phone. Why should you do that? If you keep all those apps you don't even use, your phone may become less responsive, and we are sure how you don't want that to happen.

Screen protector

Rarely anyone thinks about this, yet you need to know how you definitely should use a temperate glass screen protector. I think how I don't need to explain why you should get one. No one likes to have a broken screen, right?

Powering down

Do you power down your phone? Did you know how you should do it on a regular basis? Why? Have you ever left your laptop or a computer turned on for even a month? Of course that you haven't. How about your phone? Yes, it is always running. So, this advice is completely clear now!


Do you exercise with a smartphone in your pocket? Once you read these facts we will provide here, I think how you will immediately change that habit. What can go wrong? Well, you may shorten your phone's lifetime a lot. If you are running with your smartphone in your pocket (for example), you may sweat a lot and it may damage your phone, and you don't want that to happen. Be sure that you get some fitness apps (not downloading them on your phone) if you are doing some hard physical activity.

Overall, that would be it! Be sure that you implement these advices daily!

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